June 30, 2020

A sassy mom of twins can be a TikToker

A sassy mom of twins can be a TikToker

Millions of teenagers and adults aspire to become artists. Some do excel in theatre, join dance classes and acting studios to polish their content. However, there are many who just confine themselves because of social complexities and an introverted nature.

I came across Tiktok which was earlier known as Musical.ly. It has really fascinated an introverted person like me who has stage fear and gets stumbled while facing the camera. The key aspect of Tiktok is its acceptance. It is so easy to create content over this platform. It certainly allows the canvas wherein everyone can play or create videos.

I have known many people who have become stars now by using this platform. Many have pursued the dream of acting, dancing, content creation over this platform.

People are accepting it as a platform to go and spend time, the advertising industry is also supporting it. Many brands and businesses have started using this platform for their marketing. Hence it is win-win for all, be it creators, consumers or advertisers.

In a very short time, TikTok has gained popularity like wildfire and is subscribed by millions of people globally. Influencers like Mrunal Panchal, Sameeksha Sud etc are some of the names that are striving on this platform with crazy content to offer. Many aspirants are taking it as a competition to drive themselves more. This app has a lot to offer.

This app is creatively designed which offers to create videos of 15 & 60 seconds with tons of filters, background music and lip-syncing enacts. This young app is said to be a “bro app” amongst social media platforms. Firstly there is no definition of being called “young” as anyone can create content over it. And it’s actually fun.

Secondly, I take it as a stress buster; if I have the scope to excel in a field as an artist; I choose Tiktok as a platform to express myself. Yes, I enact, I sing, I dance, I lip-sync over my favourite film dialogues. I see myself fulfilling my desire to do something creative. People love my creations, follow me and aspire me to do more. It is giving content to many people like me.

One should visit the trends going on the app https://www.tiktok.com/trendingYou will see creators across all age groups living the dreams, exploring themselves and moreover they are content doing what they want to. Remember! This is a platform to dream big, act big and achieve big.