November 27, 2019

December is here!!! Winter is here!!! Hair Care is here!!!

December is here!!! Winter is here!!! Hair Care is here!!!

Yes, December is here so the cold breeze is. The best thing about winter is cozy sweaters, beautiful scarfs, amazing food, nice chilly weather, foggy mornings, hot cuppa coffee and no sweat around.

Winters are certainly better than summers. Atleast for me! But it has few drawbacks as well. Especially for the skin and hair. Skin can be maintained by keeping it moisturized but we generally ignore our hair.

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Winter season brings dryness, flaky and itchy scalp that leaves the hair unmanageable & desiccated. The cold wind and drop in temp. can take away the natural oils and moisture of your hair, making them dry, visibly dull, flaky which leads to dandruff and weak hair glands.

Few people that. Use this oil..use that one. But as a normal customer we tend to forget and could not follow what is right for the hair & scalp. I am not going to list something beyond Google. But I am sure it will help you think over, cartel the key essentials & follow a right hair care regime. It just needs few minutes of time, right & routine care to easily retain the shine in your hair.

Listing down few tips to follow to maintain healthy & gorgeous hair.

Trimming: this tip is every weather thing. Regular trimming helps to get rid of split ends. Especially in winter season- when hair ends go dry. It is advised to trim your hair every 3-4 weeks (depending on your hair growth) to cut rough hair in the ends.

Avoid dryers: Blow drying should be completely avoided during winters. It makes the dry hair more worse. However if there is urgency- go for cool dryer setting. It will be slow but bring shine to your hair.

No to plastic hair brush: it is always advised to use wide tooth wooden comb for your hair. The plastic bristles need to be avoided. This is basically to fight back hair static; you can use hair spray or detangle serum to combat static.

No comb to wet hair: Brushing hair is vital way to massage the scalp. This is one of the vital advice to go for. However another known fact is that Wet hair are the weakest. You can towel dry the hair. Or use soft fabric T-shirt to dry pat the hair. It will help in drying the hair fast and naturally. It also helps control frizz.

Oiling: There are many arguments over it. To oil excessively or not; I believe everything in right quantity in a right manner at regular intervals is good. Here we are not talking about regular chemical infused oils. The oil should be organic. 100% natural. You can go for brands which provides natural products. Trust me – there is difference. I always say- you should put such products on skin/hair which you can eat. I am personally go for HAIR ROOTS OIL of sutatva. Regular oiling provides nourish your scalp, right pattern works well in blood circulation and calms your mind.  If you can use slight warm oil- nothing works better than this.

Shampooing: Yes, we enjoy hot water bathing in winters. Undoubtedly it calms your body. But no matter how much you like bathing or steaming in hot water; it should be avoided-Specially head bath. You should was your hair in Luke warm water only. Also it is advisable to wash your head at alternate day and use shampoo with natural ingredients. Hair & scalp are very sensitive parts of body- in cold weather- the scalp & hair dry out. Also by using chemical filled shampoo- the scalp lose its natural oils. Also choose a shampoo- which can help in getting rid of dandruff which is very common due to flaky scalp in winters. So opting for good quality natural ingredient based Hair cleanser of sutatva & oil is very important.

Choose woolen caps with lining- we do like woolen caps & scarfs in winter. But if you feel breakage of hair in specific area of hair length. Then it might be your cap or scarf around the neck. No- I am not suggesting to avoid caps but to have silk lining that will avoids rubbing & breakage of delicate hair from crown area, near to your neck. So wear it right so that it does not restrict blood circulation in your scalp.

Conditioning- Oiling does provide right amount of conditioning to hair. But winters can be harsh to leave your hair lifeless & dull. You can use home based ingredients to bring shine & health to your hair like flat beer or vinegar. You can also go for natural ingredient based hair serum or cream as well. Basically just to keep the scalp nourished, moisturized & healthy.

Something special- let’s do revision- You can do this something special exercise at home. Since we are mentioning a lot about natural stuff. You can go for oil massage (coconut, jojoba, almond, rosemary, olive or jaborandi oil), steaming (Luke warm water) and shampooing (natural hair cleansers) followed by a deep conditioning mask (beer, vinegar, hair serum or cream). This process certainly increases scalp blood circulation. These are the few suggested ways of replenishing the natural nutrients in your hair and scalp.

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Besides that! Enjoy rich ghee based food delicacies & all available winter enriched vegetables and fruits. It will not only brings helps to build up metabolism but keeps the skin & hair healthy & nourished.

Happy Scalp!! Happy Winters!!!