November 27, 2019

From the Nature to the Nature – Organic or Natural what to choose

From the Nature to the Nature – Organic or Natural what to choose

“There are two types of cleanliness: organic cleanliness and chemical cleanliness. Often chemical cleanliness is toxic and harmful. Natural or organic cleanliness focus on maintaining harmony with nature.”
Amit Ray, Beautify your Breath - Beautify your Life

I have come across this quote while I was working on my blog. The thought behind this concept is very clear. We maintain the hygiene of our internal system by using products which are either organic or made of natural ingredients.

Like you- even I used to think that there is no difference between these two terms. However if you go by literal meaning and you compare both natural & organic from the origin point there is actually a vital difference between these two. Natural product/food refers to minimally processed items which are free of chemical or synthetic preservatives, or any artificial sweetener, flavors, and stabilizers. The Natural products/food are generally procured/prepared with conventional methods but are also preserved with some artificial techniques. Organic ingredients are grown and harvested only by using natural fertilizers. Harvesting of Organic substance abides by stringent standards of production handling and processing. To produce organic product- no chemicals or synthetic methods are used as well. Hence there is no major difference but a natural product is not necessarily organic and vice versa as there is slight easy thing to identify is Procurement & preparation of organic good is standardized however for natural it is not to that extent.

I have been fulled indulged in organic / natural products in last one year. I have started using skin & hair care products which are handmade with natural ingredients. Also pertaining to food- all pulse, oils, cereals, milk etc. one thing I was totally ignored & inclined towards fancy so called organic masalas/spices.

Eventually I had attended Dastkar bazaar- happened in New Delhi. There I was surprised to see an entire gamut of handmade, handwoven, organic, herbal and recycled products.. which includes Garments, gifts, accessories, toys, fabric, handicrafts, sun dried spices and herbs etc.

There I found a gem “Rustic Haat” stall; to my surprise- they have entire range of pulses, spices, herbs, oils, ghee etc – all organic kitchen ingredients. You don’t feel trying new thing till you witness it. I had tried few things there like foxnut, ghee, pickle, marmalade and it was just a hit. I ended up buying grinded & whole masalas, ghee, coconut milk & pickles. The authenticity and purity is beyond explanation. As & when I prepare any cuisine in kitchen..the place get filled up with the aromas. Like “Aaj Ghar Mein Kuch Pakk Raha Hai..” and the taste of food is divine. I am satisfied that I am feeding my family the pure taste and chemical free food – grown on our own land in lap of nature. Moreover doing my bit to well-being of farmers because @Rustic Haat procures the basics from them to ditch the middlemen.

I am tagging the facebook page of @RusticHaat. They put exbhitions & stalls in Delhi Haat, Asiad Village, Dastkar Bazaar etc. You may contact them to share the samples with you. I bet you will not leave buying from them again n again. Kudos to Nature for giving us so many things and to organizations as @RusticHaat & @Sutatva for providing us such things –close to nature.

Happy Eating!

Happy Living!