February 18, 2020

Importance of oils in our body

Importance of oils in our body
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We should do little bit of research before choosing any oil for our food, skin or scalp. Talking about skin If your skin type is sensitive then you shouldn’t go for blind advises but it is utmost important to check with your dermatologist about suitability of particular oil to your skin type.

Lets know something more about oils that we use for our cooking, hair or skin. why cooking!! Why note- what we eat effects our skin & hair.. right!!

I understand there is no need to mention about complex structure of oils. I will go easy and start from basics but not thorough basic.

Oils may be animal, vegetable, or petrochemical in origin, and may be volatile or non-volatile.[1] They are used for food (e.g., olive oil), fuel (e.g., heating oil), medical purposes (e.g., mineral oil), lubrication (e.g. motor oil), and the manufacture of many types of paints, plastics, and other materials. -taken from wiki

Tough to mug up right!!

To cut short- there are two types of oil- organic oils & mineral oils.

Organic oils are produced in assortment majorly by nature- animals, plants, and other organisms through natural metabolic processes.

Wherein mineral oils are also organic not termed as organic because of its origin capacity. Crude oil, or petroleum, and its refined components, collectively termed petrochemicals, are crucial resources in the modern economy which are termed as mineral oils. -taken from wiki

Further oils’ applications has certain varieties on which we will make more focus on. Application of oils are into cosmetics, fuel, lubrication, religion, painting etc.

We will be more focus on general usage of oils. So I have categorically bifurcated according to usage in household.

Oils for your hair:

Choosing the right oil does matter for you. Oils are not only meant to keep the hair healthy- but problematic hair (dry/thin/weak/frizzy) can also get benefit with apt and regular use.

Lets see which oil is suitable to your strands of hair.

Coconut oil: Best for all hair types

The best and most easily available oil is coconut oil. It is packed with minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates which can help to make your hair smooth, silkier and stronger ever.

Almond oil: controls dandruff

Sweet almond oil protects the hair against hair loss and breakage. If you use it regularly- it certainly helps in growing hair longer & stronger by beating dandruff.

Olive oil: best conditioner

Yes, olive oil is considered as best for hair conditioning. It is an alternate option or hair smoothening products.

Jojoba oil: prevent dry scalp

This oil certainly help in preventing dandruff & dry scalp also moisturizes the scalp to make hair soft and shiny.

Argan oil: Good for frizzy/dry hair

Argan oil is superb for curly hair as it can help frizzy hair to get softness and shine because of its richness in fatty acids and vitamin E.

Pic credits- medical news today

Oils for skin care:

Essentials oils are proved to be effective for skin care. Sometime you can use it directly and sometime it is important to dilute and mix with oils such as coconut oil or argan oil. Oils have been integral ingredient in beauty products.

Here are some important oils which can be sourced locally for skin care along with its benefits:

Coconut Oil- antifungal and antibacterial properties

Coconut oil is most common and brilliant category oil which is easily absorbed into the skin and having many health benefits, incl. vitamins E & K, also it has antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Suggest you to go for unrefined & cold-pressed coconut oil for your face or skin care.

Olive Oil- won’t dry out your skin.

Olive oil doesn’t trigger allergic reactions, but it is suggested to opt for the extra-virgin variety that contains vitamins A, D, E, and K, You may also try an olive oil cleanser or bar of soap for face & skin cleaning that won’t dry out your skin.

Shea Butter – smooth like cream

Shea butter infused products are totally hit in markets. It is best resulted to use when mixed up with olive oil or coconut oil to create a smoother texture for application on the face.

Sunflower Seed Oil- natural moisturizer

Sunflower seed oil is considered as a natural moisturizer which is high in vitamin E and property of absorption into the skin to keep it hydrated.

Almond oil: enriched with lots of health benefits

It has a lighter texture than shea butter and olive oil which has lots of health benefits in form of proteins, potassium and vitamin E. however it is suggested to go for organic oil which are also suitable to acne prone & sensitive skin. Almond oil is also great for babies massage. Check this brand. This is what I use for my kids.

Jojoba Oil- wound-healing effects

This oil has anti-inflammatory properties which help to cure chapping, reduce redness caused by dryness and keep skin calm and comfortable. It has Vitamin E and B-complex vitamins that help in skin repair and damage control.

Oils for cooking:

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Cooking oil is essential ingredient in the kitchen. I personally can’t imagine running my kitchen without oil. I understand there is such a variety of oils which are used for cooking and to add flavour to the food. You should understand that picking the correct cooking oil can avoid heart infections, cholesterol blockages and other skin/health related issues. So, listing down commonly available oils that are used to prepare finger licking food but also good for your health!

Ghee: the best and healthy

This oil is the top on the list to cook food. One of the healthiest options which is actually better than butter. It helps in digestion, improves memory, build up energy level and bone strength. I have found Rustic Haat Ghee the best available so far. Bit expensive but since health is important Go local & organic.

Mustard oil: helps digestion and blood circulation

Mustard oil is considered to be second best for traditional cooking. It has antibacterial properties that protects the skin and helps fighting germs and virus, also great to prevent cold and cough problems.

Olive oil - fighting heart assault and heart stroke

This oil is believed to have properties that help in fighting heart illnesses like- heart assault and heart stroke. Good to use for salads, raw use etc.

Groundnut oil - as an antioxidant

Groundnut oil is good source of vitamin E which is considered to act as an antioxidant to protect the skin from acne or scars.

Palm oil - Alzheimer's, arthritis and anti-aging

A rich source of antioxidants and Vitamin E that is good ingredient for the cancer patients and also for those suffering from issues like Alzheimer's, arthritis and anti-aging.

Sesame oil - beneficial for diabetics

Sesame oil a few restorative properties which are beneficial for diabetics and also brings down the circulatory strain. It improves oral/dental cleanliness of a person.

Canola oil – heart friendly

It is considered to be a heart friendly oil that reduces the cholesterol, inflammation and blood pressure, also can be used as a substitute for butter and margarine for saute and grilling.

To buy- Check the available options here.

I get to know so much while writing about oils. It is surprised to know that right kind of oil can play miracles on the skin, hair & overall body. Hence it is vital to choose what is good for you & your family. Go for brands which are genuinely organic and process natural ingredients to prepare something ideal for you.