April 8, 2020

Let’s Make the Best of this Time - Let’s do self-skincare

Let’s Make the Best of this Time - Let’s do self-skincare

The current scenario has led us to stay at home. Quarantine, lockdown, chilling, social distancing have become trendy words. Going out for movie or dinner or salons are simply out of the question. It may seem funny and impulsive if someone talk about skincare or follow regime; but why not. If we are looking for creative recipes with limited ingredients, gardening information, baking tips then why not to talk about simple solutions to skincare at home.

Our Stay at Home Moms are more occupied than usual routines and Work From Home people are finding it difficult to manage work & home with this “NEW NORMAL”.

Yes, we are staying indoors during current quarantine time and our skin is protected from pollutants, UV rays, heat & dirt. However usually our skin is inhabited to some amount of make-up and care in regular days. But this new set up, surely making some impact on your skin.

I take my example- my skin is normally oily but these days- it’s dry, rough & flaky. The weather change impact or less regular skincare are one of the biggest reasons for this dryness. You have probably facing the similar issue like dealing with dry hands because of excessive washing them, flaky nose skin or face skin roughness due to change in our daily routine.

This is also a fact that it does not happen with everyone, but it is very normal that your skin takes time to adjust. The best thing you can do is give your skin little time and pamper with the regular kitchen ingredients or existing skincare products you have.

I am going to share few quick tips to inculcate in this new routine. Also, some DIY ideas and some professional products to nourish the new YOU.

Wash your face

Yes, we don’t forget this process. We do wash our face but I am 100% sure that most of us, do it in morning while we freshen up or max while taking bath.

Friends, don’t forget to wash your face at least thrice a day. One it will protect your skin from any dirt, sweat or infection. Secondly, it gives you the reason to nourish it.


The paste of Chickpea Powder (2 tablespoon + 1 teaspoon Turmeric + Milk to mix)

Milk & honey (2-3 teaspoons honey + milk to mix)

Curd & honey (1-2 tablespoons of yogurt + 1 tablespoon of honey + 1 teaspoon of lemon juice)

Curd & Cucumber (grated cucumber + 2-3 tablespoons of curd)


You can use your existing face wash. Considering my sensitive skin- I prefer handmade / organic/ Ayurveda face wash only. It helps to keep the skin away from harmful cosmetics ingredients & irritants.

Get Off the flaky skin

Facial scrubs are unmatched routine to exfoliate your skin and remove dry and flaky patches. It is great idea to use exfoliators to renew and refresh skin. It helps to remove dead skin, blackheads /whiteheads; also smoothens the skin texture.


Coffee Yogurt Scrub: Mix three teaspoons coffee + half a cup of yoghurt - Apply, Scrub & wash

Orange peel Scrub: take dry orange peel, grind in smooth powder + honey + lemon juice + rose water - Apply, Scrub & wash

Lemon, Honey and Sugar Scrub: Mix one cup sugar + half cup olive oil + one tablespoon honey + juice of one big lemon - Apply, Scrub & wash

Tomato and Yoghurt Scrub: two teaspoon tomato pulp + two teaspoon yoghurt and a spoon of lemon juice- Apply, Scrub & wash

Multani Mitti and Aloe Vera Scrub- Mix two cups of multani mitti + one tablespoon aloe vera gel + a few drops of rose water - Apply, Scrub & wash


Scrubs are easy to pick from market. You need to focus on base ingredient of scrub and its suitability on your skin. Like orange peel scrub, charcoal or apricot based. If your skin is sensitive or acne prone, I personally suggest to go for Orange peel scrub as this scrub exfoliates the skin, removes excess oil, tightens pores, reduces pimples, acne and pigmentation.

Don’t over-moisturize:

We need to understand our skin. If it is dry and flaky; it does not mean to over moisturize it. Give your skin a healing time.  The overuse of moisturizing products can cause breakouts and make your skin too oily.


Olive Oil/ Coconut Oil/Almond Oil: Natural oils play an important role in soothing skin. Apply on face and skin, keep it overnight.

Papaya & Honey: Take papaya pulp + honey, Mix & apply for 10 mins. Wash to get moisturized and beautiful skin.

Yogurt: Apply for 10 mins, wash it off with lukewarm water.


You can use any moisturizer or cream that suits your skin. However you need to be careful while choosing the right product because it will stay on your skin (not wash off) and ultimately goes into the pores. My trust goes for very selective brand products in this category who are into handmade & organic category line. There is gem named Handmade Rose Petal Gel. I can write thesis on this amazing product. This gel is enriched with real rose petal extracts, wheatgerm, honey & ACV. Such combination of goodness is only expected from Sutatva.

Don’t count on face masks only

It is new and quick skincare hack. It is factually correct that face masks save time but it is suggested to use wisely when you want to relax, need quick skin repair or lack of resource and time. But if you have a routine and stock of toners, moisturizers, gels and serums; then why to break your collection of luxury stock.


Essential Oil Serum:

Take Rosehip Seed Oil (2 Tablespoons) + Rose Geranium Essential Oil (5 Drops) + Frankincense Essential Oil (2 Drops) + Sandalwood Essential Oil (2 Drops) + Carrot Seed Essential Oil (2 Drops) + Helichrysum Essential Oil (2 Drops), mix and put it in a glass Bottle Eye Dropper

Aloe vera gel, rose water, almond oil and Vitamin E oil Serum:

Add aloe vera gel (2 tablespoons) in glass bowl + rose water (2 tablespoons) + Mix them well + Vitamin E (2 containers) in the mix and blend well + add Almond oil (1 teaspoon) and mix extremely well to store in glass bottle.


We understand that preparing serums at home is tedious and tricky task specially to collect ingredients, making proportionate blend and storage. Instead It is suggested to go for professional stuff available in market. You can go for big brands like Lakme, Ponds, Khadi etc but need to understand that serum is the ultimate protector of the skin. One way it helps in radiant glowing soft skin, lightens and cover up dark blemishes & spots thus improves your complexion. Another way purifies the blood thus cures acne - pimples, blackheads and other skin ailments. So choosing natural herbal ayurveda formula would be the best choice for supple & safe skin. My favorite amongst all would always be golden glow face serum of Sutatva.

Commit to a skin-care routine:

It is very important to make a skin care routine. We can wash face thrice a day and apply moisturizer to keep it hydrated. However scrubbing and steaming could be tedious task for some. However, it is suggested to give special treatment to your skin atleast once a week.


Whatever skin type you have, Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are the three vital steps in skin care regime. Rest, you can go for products that suits your skin.

·         An oatmeal scrub works wonder to get rid of dead skin cells.

·         A combination of Curd and honey works well to moisturize the skin.

·         You may use clay masks i.e. multani mitti once or twice a week.

·         You may apply honey or Aloe Vera as it helps to make the skin look youthful.


If we talk about Sutatva – its All-Natural Amberglow Cream & UV cream has must to have in your collection. Both are enriched with natural components such as Amberglow has Almond Oil, Sandalwood Oil & White Turmeric whereas UV cream has SeabuckThorn oil. You should apply cream or moisturizer twice a day to maintain skin richness. You can do it after face wash as well.

Another basic tips for quarantine time:

Borrow a razor:

We all dream of going to salon after this lockdown period will be over. But I can’t see myself bushy and hairy for next two weeks.

Homemade wax with honey must be tedious task. You have razor, wax, waxing strips- that’s awesome. Go ahead and keep yourself ready as you are going to head fashion ramp.  If you haven’t kept the stock – don’t worry & borrow a razor from your husband, brother or father. Apply soap or moisturizer and glide the razor then wash and apply your favorite moisturizer. It is the easiest way that you would have ever tried instead of waxing.

For eyebrows & upper lips: There are face razor available in market like general stores and medical stores. There are few online places like nykaa & amazon have such razors and products under essential category. Go, grab & enjoy the beautiful you.

Clean out your skincare products:

We all have tons and tons of skincare, haircare, make up products that have been there in your drawers or shelves for years. It is a time to declutter & sort out the products which are expired, not in usable condition and requires outer cleaning. Basic cleaning means cleaning of bottles, tubes, brushes. Old products if not cleaned properly after use; gets sticky, dusty and can harbor bacteria which can lead to skin infection and irritation.

You can use baking powder, vinegar or simple soapy water and a swab to clean such products.

We understand, this is a tough time. Priorities are different in similar situations. We are not racing to compete with each other but against time. If you find difficult applying these tips to your normal routine; just stick to the basics like drinking enough water, eating a well-balanced diet, taking some multivitamins, relaxed 8 hours sleep, stress-free home environment, few mins of me time (binge watching, tea-coffee break, music or afternoon nap), basic physical activity and a happy you.

While it is important to allow your skin breathe, don't forget to give your active mind and body the same space.

Stay Home! Stay Safe! Stay Happy!