August 29, 2019

Putting Hygiene first - My Journey from regular mats to Teddyy Changing Mat

Putting Hygiene first - My Journey from regular mats to Teddyy Changing Mat

My Dadi used to say “jacha aur bacha ko 40 din tak sambhal kar rakhna chahiye..saaf suthra rakho sab..infection ho sakta hai gandigi se” It means we should take extra care of mother & baby for the first 40 days of the postpartum period as they are very vulnerable to infections.

I remember it was the 3rd day of my postpartum. My daughters were getting discharged from the NICU. I had asked the attendant why she changed the mat placed beneath my baby after every nappy change or basic cleaning even when it wasn’t soiled. I was concerned about getting billed for this seemingly unnecessary expense. I wondered why she didn’t use a regular reusable changing mat.

She politely said “Ma’am, it ensures safety for you & your kids. These changing mats have an anti-bacterial cover that helps you change diapers hygienically. This is not possible with reusable mats.”

Her answer made me remember my dadi’s words & impacted me so much that it changed my perspective towards hygiene greatly.

My twin daughters, Meera & Gaura are preemies by 6 weeks, so I have to think twice before getting anything for them. Changing mat is a priority as it is a mat on which we make them lie the whole day. Whether for an oil massage, or a diaper change or for diaper-free time. I have always trusted changing mats from the brand Teddyy.  I have become a loyal customer of this brand’s changing mats because I am fully satisfied after having used it for the last 11 months.

The good things about the Teddyy changing mats:

  • It is a waterproof backsheet which prevents leakages and spills. It is helpful while you change diapers or give massage to your babies. I generally place it beneath my babies when I give them diaper-free time. The mats are highly absorbent and made with a soft material so your baby can roll over it freely, without facing any discomfort.
  • They are made from soft spongy material which absorbs faster and keeps the baby comfortable, unlike plastic sheets. Kids are bound to pee or poop during massage time. The extra protective layer of these mats ensures softness as well as dryness for a longer time.
  • Unlike a reusable sheet that gets wet & becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, these sheets have an anti-bacterial core and hypoallergenic formula that keep your baby healthy/allergy-free. Every mother understands it quite well that their baby’s health is the utmost priority. Using the best & hygienic products, which keeps them safe from bacteria attack, unwanted rashes, wetness & any kind of dust allergy, is essential.


These sheets are the best companion while you travel. Meera & Gaura’s maternal & paternal grandparents stay in different cities. So, they have been traveling quite a bit since they were born. Changing diapers while traveling is one of the most tedious tasks that befall a mother. You cannot rely on reusable changing mats because if they get soiled, it gets very difficult to wash or sanitize them. And you can’t keep wet mats with you while traveling as well. So, it is always a good idea to carry these hassle-free hygienic mats which are so easy to carry. These changing mats are good traveling companion especially when you are traveling on the road or via train. You can carry them in your diaper bag while staying at a relative’s place or in a hotel. Just to keep all the things neat & tidy around your child. You just need to use, fold & keep it in a diaper or handbag.

A responsible mother should invest in multipurpose & anti-bacterial changing mats as it makes you & your baby happy & healthy. An ideal gift option for new & expecting mothers, you can even make it a part of your hospital bag. Let us all embrace the safe motherhood journey with Teddyy Changing Mats.

Where to buy:

TEDDYY Baby Disposable Changing Mats are available on Amazon on a discount, with different pack options starting from one with 10 units @ Rs. 299.