September 25, 2019

What is in my bag for skincare..while I am on travel spree!!!

Travel brings different type of excitement in life. The purpose, duration and mode of travel can be different & situational. Since I have 1 year old twins; my planned travel needs to be real well planned. If I am going for a 30 mins walk with them. I pack 100s of items along. The checklist for a week long holiday goes infinite.

After maternity, as usual I don’t get much time for skincare. But I make sure to spare 10 minutes for myself. A normal body needs much more than expected whether it’s about nutritional food, supplements or quality/safe products etc. You can still manage skin & hair care at home. But in hassle or planned travel; the skincare plays an important role.

Telling you honestly- one of the key perquisites of working as blogger (in addition all of the free products) is we tend to read a lot about skincare products. Besides reading- we do patch testing before writing or recommending any particular product to the followers.

Recently I have gone to Shimla for my babies’ destination birthday. It was heavy monsoon season there and we did not lose opportunity to drench & enjoy in rains. While I was checking pics- it gives me an idea to share few tips that have helped me take care of my skin during my travel journey. Not limited to travelling to hill stations or beaches. Below are some general & easy skin care tips:

Avoid hot or chilled water:

Since water levels can be harsher than the water at your home and can be more drying in nature or may contain different minerals. Considering the fact that the face skin is very sensitive so we should avoid going directly to hot or cold shower. It is always suggested to mix the water.

Wash your face twice!

We generally lose track while we travel. One key mantra is “DON’T SKIP A WASH”. Wash your face/skin atleast twice a day. Your skin will love it. My personal favourite – Rose & Curcumin Face wash.

Makeup cleanser or water wipes:

I am not a make up lover. I just use kajal, UV cream on my face. Even if I apply minimalistic make up; I ensure to wipe up my face while end of the day just to make my skin breathe and feel free.

Small tip: you can use baby wet wipesto do this. If you can carry make up make up remover-wipes or cleansers well & good. Otherwise baby wet wipes will do the needful.

No to dry towel:

Plz say NO to dry towel. Don’t rub dry towel on your face. Patting & dabbing is what your sensitive skin need.


Skincare can be expensive affair for many. But again I hunt on my babies’ care kit and use almond oil to nourish my skin after face wash. It is a bless formula which is being used by my grandmother. Just few drops of oil and apply on your face & wish for face “a good night”.


Sunscreen sunscreen sunscreen!!!! It is always advisable to use sunscreen being there is sun or clouds. I am blessed to find UV cream which is combination of sunscreen & BB cream. Normal moisturizer with SPF is simply is not good enough. There should be perfect sunscreen that need to reapply after 30 mins- 1 hour to avoid skin damage from strong sun rays.

Something special:

Every skin needs special care..not as routine but who doesn’t love pampering to get rid of dead skin, dark spots and skin exfoliation. No, you don’t need to spend 100 products for it. A humble – face mask or gel is sufficient to use either once a week or twice in 2 weeks. Read my review on rose gel- which works wonder.

Take smallies

Brands do sell smallies/mini pack of your skincare product. But somehow retailers don’t show interest in selling. Invest in travel bottles & carry the less so it spill less. See what i bought from Amazon to deal with it:

Don’t shift much

I totally understand the urge to shift to new product..when you see that your product is not  giving desired results. I always mention that Good things take time. It also depends what really works for your skin type. Have patience while you rely on one product. You should stick with the same product atleast for a month. Trust me if quality is good-it will show results.

Don’t fancy

You don’t need to buy the fancy & complicated products. A normal skin require 3 to 5 products max in toiletries bag. Like for me- (oily & acne prone skin) – Cleansing, moisturizing, masking & protection works. You don’t need special product for under eye, this oil ..that oil n blah blah.. trust your instinct & invest in goodness  not quantity. Like almond oil as moisturizer, baby wipes as makeup cleanser, Rose gel for masking & undereye & UV cream as sunscreen/BB cream. Less is better especially when you are travelling.

Some extra tips (which are very common when you discuss skincare with anyone) –

Drink lots of water and eat well, avoid oily stuff!! This contributes to healthy skin while you are on the go.

Hope my quick tips help you to travel light & bright!!

Bon Voyage!!

Latest entries to my toiletries bag:

Rose & Curcumin Face wash

UV cream

almond oil

Rose gel

Water wipes