October 30, 2019

Why we should go for handcrafted Skin Care Products

We have been observing the trend of accepting Handcrafted skincare products in the market.  Have you ever wondered that in spite of high price products- why people are going for such skincare products? These days in skin & hair care industry, usage of synthetic and harmful ingredients has increased at pace rate. Such companies prefer to use synthetic chemical additives to gain profit and to show quick results. They spend hefty amount on advertising, regularly reminding you that you need their products to look young & healthy. It means that we are exposing our environment, our skin & our bodies to an assault of unnatural chemicals at our cost. Once you use something that man-made is like synthetics, chemicals, etc. on your body, that is when the body started showing sensitivities and irritations.

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Fortunately, there are companies that make organic, safer and more natural products to give us to use without the risk. Such organic and natural products are exploding on skincare & haircare market these days.

It is rightly said that you should not put anything on your skin or hair that you couldn’t eat. Your body better understands handcrafted skincare products or ingredients from the nature such as almond oil, olive oil, palm oil, cocoa, coconut oil, castor oil, coffee grounds, oatmeal, and different types of seeds etc. Though the difference is quite explainable that WHY TO USE HANDCRAFTED NATURAL SKIN CARE PRODUCTS instead of normal fancy stuff available in market? Still to make it easy choice for you. I have tried listing down few key reasons:

First of all; there is massive difference between natural skincare products compare to artificial products.

Organic & handmade skin care products generally have 80-90% natural & active ingredients that helps in nourishment & effectiveness. That is the key reason why natural skin care products are essential for your body compared to artificial products.

Secondly; considering my skin type-which is sensitive in nature- I find real difficulty in getting right product for my skin which suits perfectly. Regular skincare products are chemicals infused which are not suited for many skin types. Whereas products with natural ingredients are soft and non-allergic. Even though there is possibility for particular skin type be an allergic to some natural ingredients, however it is easier to identify what ingredient may cause to react allergic. Like SutatvaNaturals a handcrafted skin & hair Care Company provides the ingredients list on its every product to fully understand what goes in the product you are applying on your body.

While I am reading about this industry- it is a proven fact that there are some chemicals infused in skin care products which can be absorbed to your bloodstream which can cause health issues including skin allergy, hormones disturbance and also cancer.

Another very important aspect of using natural products is being thoughtful for your planet, environment & old aged traditional handmade remedies. When companies use synthetics in beauty products- it is not only harming our health but affecting our earth as well while its procurement & production. Talking about- traditional handmade remedies. Nature & Humans are no different. They have been working profoundly & close handedly. Our ancestors had been using natural nutrients for their own health, beauty & existence. However as the time passed- advance science & technology has taken up to fulfill the demands for people across globe. It is good that things & procedures are getting easy & better for life but in return it is creating self-destruction troubles to humans & our planet. We should be thankful to the companies like SutatvaNaturals who have reintroduced the old aged traditional handmade remedies to safe our lives & providing us the opportunity to get the right & safe products for our skin, hair & overall body.

So as we say Adapt organic, Love yourself, Save Earth!!