July 17, 2020

Yoga for skin and hair

Yoga for skin and hair

Every woman dreams of having healthy, radiant and supple skin. Market is fully filled with options to get temporary glow and shine on skin & face. But what if the glow comes within? The “inner beauty”, as we say, refers to, strength & endurance of an individual, their thinking process and even character. It can also be derived from the inner health of our body which depicts the face. Ultimately the glow on the face, skin quality, hair texture depend on what we eat, drink, exercise, physical activities and overall lifestyle.

Study says, 95% of women who strive for beautiful skin and hair, depend upon temporary methods like make up, fancy cream, concealer and other cosmetics; moreover even they end up spending hefty amounts on it. What if we tell you the way wherein you don’t have to spend to achieve desired results for your hair, skin and overall body? Yes, besides a clean diet, multivitamins, greens, healthy lifestyle.

You must be laughing to see this if I say – Yoga. We are all aware about yoga & its benefits. We have been hearing tons of advice related to Yoga like, if you are overweight- practice yoga, if you are stressed- practice yoga, if you are not in shape- practice yoga etc.

image credits- Romolo Tavani

I will not lie because this is all true. One thing which is usually not asked or deliberated is wherein yoga practice brings a balance between our body, mind and soul and does have positive physical effects; Yoga asanas/ postures help increase blood circulation and reduce toxins in the body. Also- all the inverted yoga postures and forward bends increase blood supply to the head which eventually helps skin glow and promotes hair growth.

Glowing & healthy skin/hair is a mix of an external & internal cleaning process. There are products in the market which are pure, 100% organic and made of only natural ingredients. Sutatva is a celebrated brand which offers hair & skin products after consulting the customer about the cause of their skin or hair issue, then check the type of skin they have and later suggest products according to the skin type they have. I mean who does that!! Generally, big celebrities promote shampoo or cream and people tend to buy it without giving a thought to it. However Sutatva is rigid to the policy they have. That’s why their product range offerings such as UV cream, healthy roots oil, hair cleanse shampoo, almond oil, orange peel scrub need no introduction and praise because the quality speaks of itself.

Such brand product offerings help the skin and hair to heal and cleanse naturally. Further Rustic Haat also a brand which deals in organic food items like ghee, edible oils and masalas related pantry that certainly helps to clean the internal system healthy which ultimately shows on the outer layer of skin and hair.

Balanced yoga practice is all about controlling your breath. Once you incorporate it into your day, it helps circulate the lymph, blood, tones the muscles and helps us to connect with our breath. These all levels are very important and also improve our beauty.

It is said to believe that respiratory changes affect the skin, body and mood and eventually improves the complexion. On the contrary, stress shows disrupted results in the form of skin losing its glow and vitality.

Once you are gradual in the process of yoga practices, it will start giving you a glimpse of ageless and eternal vibrant beauty in and out.

Another aspect of yoga which affects skin and hair is small and gradual adjustments which makes you healthier, happier and more beautiful. Also, it is not a practice of few days, if we adapt the lifestyle changes such as good quality organic & Ayurveda skin /hair care products, organic and clean diet and yoga like I have mentioned above - for at least three months; then it will become a lifestyle regime and become part of your life journey. Then you may ask yourself – Is my skin really clean? Is my body healthy? Am I beautiful inside out? All such answers will be written on your glowing face.